Leslie Duncan for Kootenai County Commissioner, District 3


Leslie Duncan is excited for the opportunity to represent you as a Kootenai County Commissioner. She is a 19-year resident of Kootenai County and a landowner.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and ranked number one out of more than 45 cadets in her academy class. She worked for 10 years in law enforcement for both state and local law enforcement agencies in uniformed, undercover, and administrative capacities. Along with her husband, they ran a small technical service company for live TV broadcasts all over North America from 2000-2014. He still remains active in the TV industry.

Leslie has served and continues to serve as a volunteer in multiple capacities at her community church for all 19 years as a Kootenai County resident.

For 5 years, she served as an Inland Northwest Blood Center blood drive coordinator.

Leslie Duncan Northwest Blood Center CoordinatorCurrently, she is serving:

Montebello Police Reserve 001

For several years, she has been familiarizing herself with the county’s operations. She and her husband thoughtfully considered their responsibility to the community and with the support of friends and family; they wholeheartedly believe that this is the time to get involved in local government.

The Commissioner position is an all-encompassing job, more than most residents know. Leslie’s passions are land use, employee morale, and restoring government to its proper role.

  • In regards to land use, she wants residents to have the freedom to use their land in accordance with law and respect for their neighbors.
  • Employee morale is related to the service the residents of Kootenai County receive. She wants employees to know they are valued and an important part of what happens here in Kootenai County.
  • Government should protect individual life, liberty, and property. Government is not suppose to manage citizens’ lives by over regulation and over taxation.

Leslie is happy to meet with you and answer any questions you have for her, you can contact her using this form or check out her calendar to meet her at an event. Thanks for visiting her website. Leslie is working to win your support.