• Transit Center

After much research, thought, and talking with people who know the issue, I found that I cannot support it the proposed Transit Center. Taking federal dollars that end up burdening tax payers down the road is never a good idea.

The Transit Center doesn’t even benefit the riders of City Link. Connecting with the Spokane Transit Authority now or in the future would spell disaster for the city of Coeur d’Alene and for all of Kootenai County.

As your commissioner, I would vote ‘no’ to the currently proposed Transit Center.

  • Transitional Housing

Another issue that I cannot support is the recent rezoning of 4 zones to allow for transitional housing through CUP. This is really just “spot zoning” which is rarely successful.

As your commissioner, I will not pick winners and losers in commerce. In my volunteer work, it’s been my experience that the transitional housing model is not the best way to help those who are suffering from homelessness.

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