Kootenai County’s Building Code Revisions & The Opt-Out Option

Small government proponents throughout Kootenai County were very pleased when the current building codes were revised.

However, anytime there is a significant change, getting the details on what exactly happened can be tricky. There is quite a bit of misconception and confusion regarding the recent decision for the “Opt-out” option of county building inspections. The first thing to realize is that this change did not make all inspections optional.

The choice now allows property owners to obtain their own private plan reviewers and building inspectors or stay with the county review and inspections.

All state inspections of electrical, plumbing, septic, HVAC, and mechanical are still required.

Zoning and set back requirements also remain in effect and will be verified by the county’s Community Development Department.

Have questions about this change? Please contact me and I’d love to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have!

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