Kootenai County’s Building Code Revisions & The Opt-Out Option

Small government proponents throughout Kootenai County were very pleased when the current building codes were revised.

However, anytime there is a significant change, getting the details on what exactly happened can be tricky. There is quite a bit of misconception and confusion regarding the recent decision for the “Opt-out” option of county building inspections. The first thing to realize is that this change did not make all inspections optional.

The choice now allows property owners to obtain their own private plan reviewers and building inspectors or stay with the county review and inspections.

All state inspections of electrical, plumbing, septic, HVAC, and mechanical are still required.

Zoning and set back requirements also remain in effect and will be verified by the county’s Community Development Department.

Have questions about this change? Please contact me and I’d love to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have!

“Leslie Duncan for Kootenai County Commissioner” – Ed Santos, Center Target Sports

Ed and Peggy Santos - Endorse Leslie Duncan-Kootenai County Commissioner

I have known Leslie Duncan for many years. First as a student then as a friend. I know her to be a loving wife and mother. She is all about family and her community. A Christian woman with a great sense for the realities of the world we live in. Below are only a few of her past experiences which will serve her well in the capacity of county commissioner.

She will get my vote come election day and I hope she will get yours.

For more information please click on the link.

Board Member
– Women’s Auxiliary UGM Center for Women and Children – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Chairperson – Kootenai County Aquifer Protection District Committee

Budget Sub-Committee – Kootenai County Aquifer Protection District

Vice President – Ohio Match Rd Water District – Rathdrum, Idaho

President, Secretary, Treasurer – Falcon Enterprises Inc.

Production Assistant – Freelance for Fox Sports, Speed Channel, The Golf Channel, and ESPN

Senior Special Investigator II

    • Armed undercover and plain-clothed criminal investigations
    • Licensed establishments to sell and serve alcoholic beverages
    • Trained officers at LAPD, Santa Barbara PD and Oxnard PD in the enforcement of alcoholic beverage laws
    • Drug Expert

Reserve Police Officer – Acting Sergeant

    • Uniformed and undercover details
    • DUI Checkpoints
    • Dignitary Protection at special community events
    • Range Master
    • Monthly qualification for 20 person Reserve Unit
    • Recruit Board
    • Assigned to specialized units
    • Intelligence
    • Drug enforcement

Ed Santos Owner, Center Target Sports & Tactical Services Group - http://www.centertargetsports.com/ Post Falls, Idaho May 5, 2016


  • Transit Center

After much research, thought, and talking with people who know the issue, I found that I cannot support it the proposed Transit Center. Taking federal dollars that end up burdening tax payers down the road is never a good idea.

The Transit Center doesn’t even benefit the riders of City Link. Connecting with the Spokane Transit Authority now or in the future would spell disaster for the city of Coeur d’Alene and for all of Kootenai County.

As your commissioner, I would vote ‘no’ to the currently proposed Transit Center.

  • Transitional Housing

Another issue that I cannot support is the recent rezoning of 4 zones to allow for transitional housing through CUP. This is really just “spot zoning” which is rarely successful.

As your commissioner, I will not pick winners and losers in commerce. In my volunteer work, it’s been my experience that the transitional housing model is not the best way to help those who are suffering from homelessness.

A Unique Perspective to Benefit Everyone

Over my life, I’ve been blessed to have a myriad of different experiences both personally and professionally. I want to take my unique background and proven leadership skills to work for you!

  • Fiscally Responsible

Running a successful small business for 14 years taught me what it means to budget responsibly. The Aquifer Protection District that I serve on has a budget nearly $500,000.

As Committee Chairperson for the APD, I fought for an 18% fee reduction even after being out voted by committee members for this current fiscal year.

As your commissioner, I will bring that same conservative attitude to my job.

I will be a wise steward of your money.

Tax money is your money, you’ve entrusted it to the county so that we can serve you. And that’s exactly what I will do.

  • A Unified, Effective Team

Working as a law enforcement officer for over 10 years put me in situations that required me to resourcefully bring a team together so that we could accomplish the task at hand.

As your County Commissioner, I will be working with other elected officials, county employees and county citizens. I will always strive to make every member of the team feel valued and respected.

  • Low Taxes, Less Regulations

As a small business owner I experienced firsthand the challenges and obstacles that over regulation and extreme taxation bring. As a wife for 20+ years and a homeschooling mother of  two for 15+ years, I’ve also seen how bad government policy affects our families.

It’s because of this experience that I pledge to avoid raising taxes whenever possible and insure that land use laws are fair and protect the rights of property owners.

What Do You Want Out of Your County Government?

This may be a question you’ve never considered before. That’s because here in North Idaho, we have a different mindset.

We want a government that fulfills its responsibilities and then stays out of our way. That way, we can live and enjoy this North Idaho lifestyle we all love.

However, you can’t have a government like that, unless you have leaders who:

  • Understand the proper role of 


  • Sift decisions through a solid worldview.

It’s my belief that some leaders in Kootenai County are not living up to this ideal.

That’s why I am running – to make sure the citizens of Kootenai County have a government that fulfills its duties and then stays out of your way so you can live the life that you love.

Why the Proper Role of Government Matters to You

The role of government is to protect life, liberty and property. This is why I am strongly pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-constitutional carry, and pro-local management of forest lands. Government exists to protect these rights, and all our other rights.

When government oversteps these boundaries, we see over regulation and over taxation.

Two things that nobody likes.

As your commissioner, every issue that comes before me will be put through this test:


  • Does it align with the U.S. Constitution and the Idaho State Constitution?
  • Does it grow government?
  • Does it comply with existing statute?
  • Does it benefit the citizens of Kootenai County?