What Do You Want Out of Your County Government?

This may be a question you’ve never considered before. That’s because here in North Idaho, we have a different mindset.

We want a government that fulfills its responsibilities and then stays out of our way. That way, we can live and enjoy this North Idaho lifestyle we all love.

However, you can’t have a government like that, unless you have leaders who:

  • Understand the proper role of government


  • Sift decisions through a solid worldview.

It’s my belief that some leaders in Kootenai County are not living up to this ideal.

That’s why I am running – to make sure the citizens of Kootenai County have a government that fulfills its duties and then stays out of your way so you can live the life that you love.

My name is Leslie Duncan and I’m asking for your vote for County Commissioner, District 3.

Why the Proper Role of Government Matters to You

The role of government is to protect life, liberty and property. This is why I am strongly pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-constitutional carry, and pro-local management of forest lands. Government exists to protect these rights, and all our other rights.

When government oversteps these boundaries, we see over regulation and over taxation.

Two things that nobody likes.

As your commissioner, every issue that comes before me will be put through this test:

  • Does it align with the U.S. Constitution and the Idaho State Constitution?
  • Does it grow government?
  • Does it comply with existing statute?
  • Does it benefit the citizens of Kootenai County?

A Unique Perspective to Benefit Everyone

Over my life, I’ve been blessed to have a myriad of different experiences both personally and professionally. I want to take my unique background and proven leadership skills to work for you!

  • Fiscally Responsible

Running a successful small business for 14 years taught me what it means to budget responsibly. The Aquifer Protection District that I serve on has a budget nearly $500,000.

As Committee Chairperson for the APD, I fought for an 18% fee reduction even after being out voted by committee members for this current fiscal year.

As your commissioner, I will bring that same conservative attitude to my job.


I will be a wise steward of your money.

Tax money is your money, you’ve entrusted it to the county so that we can serve you. And that’s exactly what I will do.

  • A Unified, Effective Team

Working as a law enforcement officer for over 10 years put me in situations that required me to resourcefully bring a team together so that we could accomplish the task at hand.

Leslie Duncan for Kootenai County Commissioner

As your County Commissioner, I will be working with other elected officials, county employees and county citizens. I will always strive to make every member of the team feel valued and respected.

  • Low Taxes, Less Regulations

As a small business owner I experienced firsthand the challenges and obstacles that over regulation and extreme taxation bring. As a wife for 20+ years and a homeschooling mother of  two for 15+ years, I’ve also seen how bad government policy affects our families.

It’s because of this experience that I pledge to avoid raising taxes whenever possible and insure that land use laws are fair and protect the rights of property owners.

My Pledge to You

I want you to know, I love this county. It’s my family’s home. I’ve invested in training, I’ve educated myself on county government, and I’m committed to serving.

As your Commissioner, as a citizen legislator, I pledge to you:

  • I will listen.
  • I will serve.
  • I will protect the freedoms that we hold dear.

Will You Vote for Me?

Because Kootenai County deserves a government that fulfills its responsibilities and then stays out of your way so that you can live the life you love!