As a registered independent, my mailbox is flooded with a double dose of political flyers. While researching candidates, I was drawn to the District 3 County Commissioner race.

In the May 10 edition of another newspaper, Ruben Miranda, Democrat, listed his sole political experience as an “Activist in Southern California.” That grabbed my attention!

Granted, there are many Californians residing here — it’s an idyllic area (except for traffic). I’ve concluded that there are two types of Californian transplants: Those fleeing the madness and those who bring their California views. Ruben’s a relative newcomer and, as such, hasn’t had adequate time to appreciate the uniqueness of our region. Idahoans are independent people; we bristle at being compared to California. We oppose overregulation, higher taxes and big government.

At a recent political forum, Leslie Duncan, Republican, spoke of her experience (including law enforcement) and principles of limited government and respecting property rights. Leslie believes in prudent planning and won’t rubberstamp every proposal, especially if it increases traffic gridlock. Moreover, Leslie has served three years as chair of the Kootenai County Aquifer Protection District demonstrating her commitment to protecting our natural beauty and resources.

Though Leslie’s from California, she’s been a staunch Idahoan for 20 years. Leslie’s mind-set is preserving what we all love about Idaho. I don’t want our policies influenced by how it’s done in California. I’m voting Leslie Duncan.


Coeur d’Alene

October 28, 2018