I Will Vote for a Principled Conservative, Leslie Duncan! 

Ralph K. Ginorio vote Leslie Duncan for Kootenai County Commissioner

Bob Bingham should not be re-elected as a Kootenai County Commissioner. On May 15, 2018, Republican voters should choose another nominee to be our District 3 Kootenai County Commissioner candidate.

Consistently throughout his term, Bingham has voted in support for the positions of Moderate Chris Filios over the more Conservative Marc Eberlein. His votes to raise Property Taxes in the 2018 Budget and to build an unnecessary and unpopular Transit Center reveal a willingness to trust government that is most un-Conservative.

Only recently, on the Building Code issue, did Bingham oppose increasing government regulation. Being a Conservative, I applaud this. However, his position was not an open rejection of the creeping expansion of government bureaucracy, but a nuanced “Opt-Out” approach. I much prefer Eberlein’s initial principled stance.

Kootenai County District 3 Republican voters like myself can do better than Bob Bingham if we want to elect a principled champion of Conservative values. While Mr. Bingham’s hard work has earned my respect, his choices have earned my distrust.

Unlike voters in more Progressive regions of the United States, we North Idahoans should not have to settle for a Moderate. On May 15, I shall vote for a principled Conservative, Leslie Duncan!

Ralph K. Ginorio Coeur d’Alene, Idaho May 10, 2018