Jannette Bendinelli Endorses Leslie Duncan for Kootenai County Commissioner


Leslie Duncan for Kootenai County Commissioner EndorsementI have known Leslie for over 15 years and, during this time, have seen her grow in wisdom and character. When receiving any responsibility or fulfilling any role, Leslie will be resourceful and considerate in her part. She has always been personally goal-oriented and determined. But, over the last several years, through various challenges she has faced personally or helped others walk through, I have seen Leslie’s wisdom and determination applied outside of just herself and, instead, applied in service to others and to the community as a whole. 

Many of us have helped and served others. But, what I admire most about Leslie, whereas others have quit when helping is no longer convenient or fun, Leslie continues out of a strong conviction. Leslie will serve beyond the “feel good” and convenient circumstances – she will serve because she knows it is the right thing to do.

I  have also witnessed Leslie not only give to others but, more importantly, I have seen that she is not above receiving from others too! Leslie will also reach out for advise or council when needing confirmation on decisions or priorities she is making for herself and those in her care.  If you believe that serving rightfully and humbly is what brings honor to a person and the community they serve, please honor your community by supporting Leslie for County Commissioner.

Join Jannette and Vote Leslie DUNCAN 4 Kootenai County Commissioner, May 17th

Jannette Bendinelli Calling Idaho "home" since 1997, wife, mom, small business administrator, volunteer and friend March 19, 2016

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